Friday, August 3, 2007

Get the Shaft

The shaft is one of the most important and in my opinion overlooked components of the modern driver. One of the great things about the component/custom club making world is that the number and quality of the available shafts is staggering. Yes, the driver head is important, but the shaft is the component that can turn a good driver into a great driver. Even the pro-line manufactures are starting to offer more choice in the shafts they offer on their drivers.

For me, there are really two categories of shafts, those that cost less than $100 and those that cost more than $100. My favorites in the less than $100 are;

Accuflex Evolution

UST Proforce V2

Graphite Design YS6+

The over $100 category seems to be growing very fast, with some shafts topping the $300 mark. The pros use these shafts because, lets face it they can afford it and they usually get their equipment for free. Also, a lot of the shafts in this category are built specifically for the pro tours, so the manufactures are not making these for the mass market, although they do put them for sale in this market. Some of the tops shafts in this category are;

Mitsubishi Diamana

Accuflex Creation

Grafalloy Axis