Friday, January 8, 2010

Magnesium the new Carbon Fiber

Magnesium is fast becoming the new carbon fiber in the component world.  Golfsmith, Maltby and others are now making drivers with magnesium crowns instead of carbon fiber.  Magnesium  gives the same light weight as carbon fiber, but has a better sound.  I was never one to be bothered to much by the sound of carbon fiber. but these new clubs seem very promising.  I plan to test out the new magnesium crown Snake Eyes Viper MCG and Lynx LX5 in a future post.

On another note, one of the major monthly golf magazine recently came out with their 2010 Golf Equipment list.  Once again, they completely ignore the wonderful products produced by the component world and only list those clubs make by their major advertisers.  I still have hope that one day these great companies and products will get the recognition they deserve.