Monday, October 29, 2007

Golfsmith P2 Irons

After much consideration, I finally decided on a new set of irons. I purchased a set (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and PW) of Golfsmith P2 Irons. What I really like about these irons (besides the price $9.99 per head) was that they are a tour cavity design. They are a cavity backed club head, but with a smaller head design and thinner topline. My hope is that this will provide the forgiveness that I need, but also still allow me to work the ball.

I've decided to pair these new heads up with Rifle Project X (6.0) shafts. I've been playing Rifle FM Precision (5.5) shafts for about 10 years now and I really wanted to upgrade to the newer Project X shafts. I've also upped the frequency from 5.5 to 6.0. My golf club head speed hasn't changed much of the years (85mph), and the 6.0 will have a little stiffer feel than the 5.5 shafts but still be good for my club head speed.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pinnacle Gold Long Drive vs.Top Flight D2

I decided to start my testing with the Pinnacle Gold Long Drive and the Top Flight D2 since both of these balls are going for the same segment of the market with regard to costs. I've played about 4 rounds of golf with each ball and below are my thoughts and some final conclusions.

Top Flight D2 (Feel)
The Top Flight D2 Series is the latest from one of the leaders in the lower price golf ball market. It features a new dimple in dimple pattern and two-piece construction with a Surlyn cover.

The Good: Price. At about $15.99 per 15 pack these balls are a very good price point. Also, the alignment aid on the ball (a small circle with lines going in four directions like a cross) is great for both drives and putts. On pure hits these balls have a very solid sound and come off the club face fast.

The Bad: Distance wasn't as good as the sound would indicate on pure hits. These were about 15-20 yards shorter than the Pinnacle Gold Long Drive. When chipping, these had a somewhat harsh feeling and didn't have as much spin as the older XL3000 Super Soft.

The Ugly: On miss hits these feel like the Rock Flights of old with shock waves that travel up the club and rattle your teeth.

Rating: 3 out of 10 on price and alignment aid.

Pinnacle Gold Long Drive
The standard of the Remax Long Drive competition, this ball has a 330 dimple pattern and a two-piece construction with a Surlyn cover.

The Good:
Price. At about $15 per 15 pack these balls are a very good price point. This golf ball explodes off the club face and is long, 15-20 yards longer than the Top Flight D2. It is also very soft feel around the greens and seems to stick the the club face on chips and flop shots.

The Bad: The alignment aid is lacking with just a couple of small arrows.

The Ugly: Nothing.

Rating: 9 out of 10 on price, explosive distance, and feel.

Final Conclusions
As someone who has played both the Top Flight XL2000 and XL3000 series I was very disappointed in the D2. The softness and feel was just not there. Also, the distance was very disappointing.

The Pinnacle Golf Long Drive was a huge surprise for me since I have not played Pinnacles (other than found ones on the course) for sometime. The explosive drives and softer feel around the greens was top notch.

My next comparison will be the Pinnacle Gold Long Drive vs. Titleist Pro V1.

Update: Since testing these golf balls the Pinnacle Gold Long Drive has been discontinued and replaced with the Pinnacle Gold FX Long. I will use this ball in my comparison with the Titleist Pro V1.